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Article: How to fix a patchy fake tan

How to fix a patchy fake tan

How to fix a patchy fake tan

Sienna X self tans are a breeze to apply and give a beautifully natural colour to suit every skin tone. But even the best of us can make a few mistakes and need to fix a patchy fake tan.  

But never fear! We’ve got a few Sienna X Secrets to help your return to the glowing god or goddess of your dreams!

If you’ve over-splodged it with your favourite tanner, here’s a guide on the best way to fix a patchy fake tan.

Exfoliate your woes away

Combine some brown sugar and lemon juice to create a homemade exfoliator, and gently rub the mixture over your darker patches of skin to lighten up deeper colour spots. 

Do this a couple of times to dilute those tanning mishaps. You can even keep this in a little tub in the fridge for those all-important emergencies, a refreshing addition to your tanning routine ahead of a new application, or even as a natural lip scrub for pamper night! 

Better yet, why not use our beautifully-scented Sienna X Prepare Body Scrub Sachets to luxuriously buff and blend away those colour discrepancies in the shower. They’re super handy to pop in your bag for a night out with the girls too as you’re getting ready!

Cleanse the day away

A trick you may not expect, but opting for a cleansing balm or cleansing lotion can do wonders to reduce areas of a darker colour!

Just like with your skincare routine, opt to take a little time to cleanse the areas that you aren’t so keen on with a rich and creamy cleanser. Our Skincare Collection has both the Cleansing Balm and Cleansing Lotion depending on your preferences.

This is also a fantastic trick for when your tan has almost faded away, and you want to eliminate any residual colour before a new application of tan.

Sweat it out

If your tan has developed much more deeply than you’d planned, treat yourself to a trip to the steam room at the gym or your favourite day spa.

By doing so, you’ll actually end up sweating off the intensity of the colour until your left with a milder finish that’s more natural to even up with gradual tanning options.

Make friends with Gradual Tanners

Our favourite trick to hide a blotchy tan is to apply the Sienna X Gradual Self Tan over our entire bodies.

Not only does it smell amazing, but the moisturising ingredients lend the skin a subtle glow which hides smaller colour mistakes by adding vibrancy and radiance to your complexion while looking natural and sunkissed.

A gentle lift of colour will also cover up any lighter areas, creating a seamless finish all over!

No one will ever need to know your tan wasn’t flawless, to begin with!

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