Create and sculpt the perfect eyebrows with the Brow Collection by Sienna X. Developed to meet everyday brow needs, our range of eyebrow products offers long-lasting natural colour, correction and definition at home.

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At Home Brow Tint Kit- Brown 3 - sienna x new

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At Home Brow Tint Kit- Brown 3


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Our product range includes sculpting brow pencils, as well as at home eyebrow tint kits, helping you to achieve a professional finish from the comfort of your own home. All our eyebrow products are available in a selection of shades, so you can find the perfect colour match.

Only the best ingredients go into our products, which is why all our eyebrow tint kits are vegan friendly and cruelty free. All natural products are used, helping to protect your eyebrows for longer.

To complement our professional range of products, we also include a selection of brow accessories. These include eyebrow tweezers, scissors, and an eyebrow sculpting brush, so you can maintain your brows throughout the day.

A reliable eyebrow pencil should be an essential part of everyone's makeup bag. Whether you’re into thinner and defined brows or a larger and fluffier look, our range of brow products will help form your brows into any desired shape. Explore at home brow tint kits that include everything you need to tint your own eyebrows.