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Tan Accessories

From self-tanning lotions to oils and toners, we have plenty of ways to achieve a glowing tan. However, a smooth and even tan is only as good as how it’s applied. That’s why having the right tanning accessories is just as important.

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Luxury Self Tan MittLuxury Self Tan Mitt
Luxury Self Tan Mitt
Sale price£5.95
Tan Contour Brush - sienna x new
Tan Contour Brush
Sale price£12.99
Eraser Mitt with Bag - sienna x newEraser Mitt with Bag
Eraser Mitt with Bag
Sale price£5.94
Skin Guard 4 In 1 (150ML)Skin Guard 4 In 1 (150ML)
Skin Guard 4 In 1 (150ML)
Sale price£8.99
Mini Luxury Self Tanning MittMini Luxury Self Tanning Mitt

Sienna X offers a fantastic range of self tan accessories to help you apply your tan smoothly and evenly.

A professional tanning mitt is an absolute must have when applying self-tan. Helping to evenly spread tan leaving a streak-free finish, our luxury tanning mitt is the perfect companion to any of our tanning products. Made from a soft velvet material, this fake tan mitt will help you to spread your tan perfectly, as well as buff any excess tan, leaving you with a flawless look.

For smaller areas, the tan contour brush is the obvious choice. This double-ended brush will help to spread your tan in smaller and more defined areas to create a smooth finish.

When you need to remove your tan, use an exfoliator or body oil with our expert fake tan eraser mitt to get rid of any old or stubborn tan. Our revolutionary self tan remover mitt will leave your skin fresh and clean in minutes, ready for your next application.

Discover our fantastic selection of self tan accessories to help give you that natural looking tan. Combine our tanning brush or tanning mitt with one of our professional self tan products and you’ll have that golden glow in no time.

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