Self Tan for Dark Skin

Even with darker skin tones, you can have an amazing looking natural tan all year round. While in the past, fake tan has traditionally been aimed at lighter skin tones, the landscape has changed and there are now more fake tan products for darker skin tones than ever.

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Ultra Dark Mousse

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Ultra Dark Mousse


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Sienna X is proud to offer a range of self tan for dark skin, helping you to achieve a glowing tan and leaving your skin looking and feeling great. Self tan can also help to even skin tone, which all skin tones can benefit from.

The highlight of our product range is the Express Q10 Self Tan Tinted Mousse. This fake tan for dark skin is fast-developing, giving you a glowing tan in just an hour. If you’re looking to achieve a darker result, simply leave it on for the full four hours!

We also offer an Ultra Dark Clear Self Tan Water Mousse. This new way of tanning will leave you with flawless finish and ultra dark glow after just one application. Infused with aloe vera, it will also help to moisturise and hydrate your skin.

Each fake tan for dark skin is cruelty free and vegan friendly, as well as containing natural ingredients to ensure your skin not only looks good but is also taken care of.

You can achieve an amazing looking tan on darker skin tones thanks to our incredible range of self tan products. Make sure you also take a look at our accessories to have that perfect application every time!