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Designed to completely transform your look, our professional at home eyebrow tint kits will let you create darker and longer lasting brows. If you’re looking to enhance your eyebrows and create a strong arch, a tint kit will allow you to redefine your daily brows.

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At Home Brow Tint Kit- Black 1 - sienna x new

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At Home Brow Tint Kit- Black 1


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Our eyebrow tint is available in four shades; Ash, Light Brown, Brown and Black, so you can find the right one to suit your skin tone and achieve that salon-fresh look from the comfort of your own home.

Each of our brow tint kits comes with a brow brush, tint, tint cream developer and stain remover, providing everything you need to create the perfect eyebrows. If you aren’t happy with the colour after first applying, our kits allow for the flexibility to be reapplied until you reach your desired shade.

All our tints for brows come with enough product for up to 30 applications, so you can continue to keep your brows looking amazing for longer.

Whether you’re after thick and bold brows or a thin and defined look, at home eyebrow tint kits will help you to create that salon look every time.

If you feel that your eyebrows need some tidying up before applying any tint, our tweezers and scissors will get your brows in the best shape.

With a Sienna X at home eyebrow tint kit, your brows will look shaped and defined, leaving you looking and feeling beautiful!