Self Tan for Fair Skin

If you’re someone with fair skin, finding the right fake tan can be tricky. The rich tones of self-tan can often cause the tan to look artificial, with streaks being more obvious and many formulas developing too dark to appear natural.

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Gradual Untinted Self Tan Lotion

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The best type of self-tan for fair and pale skin is one that gradually develops over time. Sienna X offers a range of fake tan for fair skin designed to help achieve a beautiful and natural looking tan.

A staple of our product range, our Gradual Untinted Self Tan Lotion is suited to those who prefer a light and natural look, perfect for fair skin. It comes in the form of a moisturising cream to give you a glow in just a few hours. For the desired shade, simply re-apply until you are happy.

For a tan for fair skin that you can use anywhere, try our revolutionary Gradual Clear Self Tan Water Mousse. This new innovation leaves no residue while giving you a light to medium natural tan, making it ideal for first time tanners and for those with fairer skin.

No matter your skin tone, our fake tan for fair skin will leave you with a natural glowing golden tan!