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Striving for a greener future, we're constantly innovating to expand our recyclable packaging options for global sustainability.

natural ingredients

Harnessing the power of nature, we aim to use a majority of natural ingredients to ensure the purity and efficacy of our products.

Evolving with care

We're on a mission to one day achieve 100% recyclability and natural ingredient lists without compromising on the exceptional Sienna X quality you trust.

The Sienna X PROMISE

At Sienna X, we are proud to use the highest natural and vegan quality ingredients, all locally sourced where possible to provide products that really do work. In addition to sourcing local products all our receipts are tried, tested and manufactured in the UK, ensuring we keep our carbon footprint low and reassuring our customers of our focus on sustainability.

Paraben Free

Our products are consciously crafted without parabens, avoiding these preservatives that have been linked to health concerns and maintaining your body's natural harmony.

GMO Free

We take a stand for nature's integrity by shunning genetically modified ingredients, championing the health of ecosystems and ensuring the purity of your beauty routine.

PEG Free

Eliminating PEGs from our formulas, we say no to potentially harsh penetration enhancers and carcinogenic substances, safeguarding your skin and well-being.

Ethically Formulated in the uk

Not tested on animals

Our refusal to test on animals stems from ethical considerations and the availability of advanced, humane testing methods. These alternatives ensure safety and efficacy without compromising animal welfare.


Our products are passionately vegan, crafted with the utmost respect for nature and your well-being. There is one exception...

The exception

Our ASOS Award-Winning Miracle Mask uniquely includes Manuka Honey, chosen for its unparalleled benefits. Sustainably sourced to support bee populations, it's an exception that aligns with our ethical commitment.

more green

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