How to fake tan without staining your bed sheets

Mobile phones, clocks, fake eyelashes… these are just a few of the things that are classified banned in the Love Island villa which we’re spending our summer looking inside.

But what of our absolute summer must-have, fake tan? In a recent TikTok, ex-islander Chloe Burrows revealed that tanners are also banned from bringing into the villa. With the bedroom being a key location for filming scenes of the show, producers wish to avoid the white bedsheets becoming unsightly on camera with fake tan staining.

Fake tan usually stains bed sheets due to the guide colour within the formulation. The guide colour is the tint that immediately appears on the body when tan is applied – it’s there to help you see where you’ve already applied and assist you achieving a flawless, even application. Don’t worry; guide colour development staining usually washes straight out of clothing and bedsheets, just as it washes straight off your skin in the shower once developed to reveal your true faux glow results.

But with guide colour sheet staining being a deal-breaker for the Love Island girls and those of you who also avoid fake tanning because of this, thankfully there are new-gen formulations available now that mean everyone can get a glow on the down low.

For the sunkissed results of a self tan without any of the associated mess, make the Clear Self Tan Water Mousse collection your new go-to. The formulation of these tanners is clear, with a light sheen visible on the body upon application so you can still see where you’ve already applied. Simply apply, go about your daily errands wearing whatever you wish or jump into bed with white bedding, and wait for 8 hours to see the results for yourself.

Packed with key skincare ingredients to deeply hydrate the body, the vegan mousse contains Hyaluronic Acid, holding up to 1000x it’s own weight in water, for a moisture quench, and Aloe Vera to soothe and nourish.

Available in three fast-drying formulations to achieve your desired result:

Gradual – Light-Medium glow

Self Tan – Medium-Deep glow

Ultra Dark – Deepest, darkest glow