Why you need to wear SPF everyday

If you’re a big fake tan fan, the likelihood is you’re pretty sun savvy – you know that a faux glow is the way to go, rather than sitting in the sun for hours and exposing your skin to harmful UV rays (a source of energy omitted by the sun, and artificially by sunbeds).

But even on days when the sun isn’t out, you still need protection – particularly on the delicate skin of the face, an area which often first begins to show signs of premature ageing. UV rays can burn through clouds, so SPF should still be applied to protect skin from burning and prevent sun damage. Too much exposure to UV rays can damage the DNA in skin cells, leading to mutations. This is how many cases of skin cancer initially develop.

Those with fair, pale skin which burns easily need to be most careful and need the highest amount of protection. Having light hair, light eyes, a larger amount of moles or freckles and a history of skin cancer in the family are all additional factors that put a person at higher risk of developing a complication related to sun exposure.

The sun is at it’s hottest between 11am – 3pm in the UK – these are the hours during which you should seek shade. If you have an activity to do and are planning on being outside, it’s best to avoid these times to be safe.

The Day Cream and The Eye Cream from our award-winning Skincare collection include SPF30 and SPF15 respectively so you can go makeup free with the confidence that your skin is sun-safe.

A lightweight moisturiser suitable for all skin types, The Day Cream contains pore-blurring technology to lift, brighten, and give skin a flawless finish. It creates the perfect base for makeup should you wish to use it as a primer. It’s formulated with Marine Bamboo, which can improve skin tone by up to 12% & skin firmness by up to 8% in just 28 days. The fast-absorbing, anti-pollution formula helps to fight the damaging effects of blue light and Infra-Red Type A.

Designed to lift and brighten your eye area, The Eye Cream also reduces the appearance of fine lines and offers protection against UVA rays. Like The Day Cream, it contains Marine Bamboo with the same skin firming and tone-improving properties. Plant extracts and Kelp help expertly lift and smooth the delicate eye area.

Remember that SPF need to be reapplied throughout the day – no suncream can provide all-day protection, and it will remove faster if you’re sweating or exposed to water. Reapply every few hours to stay protected.