How to fake tan around your eyebrows and hairline

Use petroleum jelly to protect your eyebrows and hairline from fake tan staining. A damp cloth is perfect for wiping off any excess fake tan around the hairline.

Finding it tricky to fake tan around your eyebrows and hairline? We’ve been there too! So we’ve created a handy guide to make sure you don’t make any of the same mistakes we did. 

  1. Push back your fringe with a headband or tie your hair up in a pony tail before you begin.
  2. If you’ve already used a tanning mitt to tan the rest of your body there may enough product remaining on the mitt to use on your face. Add a small amount of moisturiser to the mitt to loosen the existing tanner and lighten the formulation. If you’re using gloves simply mix your moisturiser and fake tan directly onto your gloved hand.
  3. Begin applying the tanner on the cheeks, chin and neck, slowly blending outwards.
  4. Carefully blend the tanner up to and around your eyebrows, gently buffing in the product as you go along. Don’t apply any fake tan directly onto the eyebrows, especially if you have very light or blonde hair. Instead blend the tanning lotion around the eyebrow area with your fingertips – if you’re wearing latex gloves – or a cotton bud to make it look as natural as possible.
  5. If you want to be extra safe, spread some petroleum jelly onto your eyebrows before you start your treatment to prevent the tanner from latching on to any hairs.
  6. Glide the fake tan over your forehead, taking care to blend it evenly right up to your hairline. Don’t worry if the guide colour looks slightly darker close to the hairline area. In fact adding a darker shade of foundation or bronzer to the top of the forehead is a trick that many make-up artists use to sculpt, define and slim down the face anyway.
  7. Finally, if you accidentally get any fake tan on your eyebrows or hairline you can use a clean damp cloth to gently wipe away the excess.

And voila! You’ve achieved flawless coverage and protected your hairline and eyebrows from staining.