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Article: Top 5 Tips for Self Care Sunday

Top 5 Tips for Self Care Sunday - sienna x new

Top 5 Tips for Self Care Sunday

The end of the busy working week calls for one thing: Self Care Sunday!

We’ve got you covered with our best top tips to ensure that your Sunday is all about taking care of number one!

1. Treat yourself, girl!

We know you work so hard to achieve all your goals, keep the house tidy, your kids fed and your social life afloat so you don’t miss out on any gossip with the girls. So take your Self Care Sunday to really treat yourself.

Run a beautiful bath, and soak with a good book and a glass of your favourite tipple for as long as needed. It may seem super simple, but after a busy week – it’s an absolute lifesaver.

PS – it’s totally okay to lock everyone else out of the room too. This is your time!

2. Never miss a face mask

What can we say? We love a bit of skincare on a Self Care Sunday!

During your self-care time, be sure to treat yourself to your favourite face mask. Whether a detoxifying opinion like The Clay Mask to draw out all of your impurities or a more hydrating choice like The Miracle Mask – your skin will thank you 10 times over!

As well as being super relaxing on the Sunday, your skin will glow for the remainder of the week ahead, helping to ensure that your make up applies smoothly and banishing the designer handbags that may be lurking.

3. Have a social media detox

There is so much noise across the digital landscape, including your social media platforms.

While you take care of you, be sure to have a detox from your social media platforms too. Turn off your phone or pop it on do not disturb and just be in the moment for the day. Take yourself and the family for a woodland wander, bash through your home chores list or even just watch Netflix uninterrupted.

This is something that our teams do regularly over the weekends, and we cannot recommend it enough! 

4. Take some time to stretch/meditate

No strenuous exercise required – promise!

With the craziness of everyday life, either being on your feet for a significant portion of the day, hunched over your desk in the office or chasing little ones, your body has supported you every step of the way.

However, with all this, we can get aches, pains and tight muscles which is not ideal! During your Self Care Sunday, take a little time to stretch out your muscles, find a yoga video you love on YouTube and get back to feeling less run down!

You can even sit down for 5 minutes afterwards just to meditate quickly and be grateful for everything we do have to help really centre yourself.

5. Do something that you love

Self Care Sunday is all about taking care of you – so be sure to do something during the day that you absolutely love.

Go get your nails done, indulge in some retail therapy or take yourself for a swim or walk on the beach. Whatever it is, be sure that you’re doing it for yourself.

Your chores and errands list can wait another day, trust us! 

We’d love to see what you get up to on your Self Care Sunday – be sure to tag us in any posts or stories you share (if you’re taking your social media detox on another day of course!)

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