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Article: 5 Hacks for a Flawless Self Tan

5 Hacks for a Flawless Self Tan - sienna x new

5 Hacks for a Flawless Self Tan

With restrictions lifting slowly but surely, are you ready for national lockdown to come to an end and start your summer, right? 

We have got you covered with our best top tips on how to ensure that you achieve a flawless tan ready for restrictions to come to an end! 

1. Hair removal 

Its always best to remove body hair before applying any self-tan application, done by shaving or waxing at least 24hrs prior to application and ensure that your skin is well exfoliated (More about that below!). 

The benefit of removing hair before applying a self-tan? By doing so allows the result of your tan to be even and allows the self-tanning application to fade in naturally. 

Not confident in removing hair by yourself? Why not visit one of your local Sienna X trained professionals? Receive the proper care and experienced training from one of our waxing technicians, find your local by using our therapist locator to see who is closest. 

Allow them to provide a professional finish on your wax and can even provide further services to help you apply the desired tan for you. 

2. Exfoliate 

By choosing to exfoliate your skin you are essentially removing the top layer of dead skin cells to rejuvenate the skin and reveal a new smooth skin cell surface polished by the exfoliator. 

Reducing Your chances of ingrown hairs, doing so up to once a week helps to prevent the rise of painful ingrown hairs that tend to occur after shaving or waxing. Exfoliating the area by lightly scrubbing it with an exfoliator can help to draw ingrown hairs back out (rather than growing back into the hair follicle and to grow naturally. 

Did we mention that by exfoliating you are improving blood circulation? By brushing or gently scrubbing towards the heart can help the circulation of blood, promoting a rich blood supply. The benefit of exfoliating with Sienna X Products? Your tan will not appear patchy, will last longer and the smell! 

What do we suggest? To help with exfoliating your legs for a flawless self-tan why not use the Prepare Exfoliating and Priming Scrub Sachet, this creamy lightweight scrub removes impurities with the finest pumice, for a gentle yet effective exfoliation and helps to create the perfect base for your professional sunless tanning result. 

3. Your skin! 

Avoid the tell tale signs of a fake tan by investing in a mitt (such as the Apply Luxury Self Tan Mitt)! This is the perfect starter hack for any beginner as it helps to avoid staining your hands a darker shade, it also helps you to cover the tell-tale areas such as the knuckles, knees, and elbows. These areas are at a higher risk of being missed or not matching the rest of your tan because of how the skin creases in these areas, meaning these are the key areas to exfoliate and moisturise before applying any tanning application as they will be bone dry! 

By using the Perfect Self Tan Primer from our range you can also ensure that the problematic areas are well prepared ahead of your tanning application, a simple step that allows the perfect finish that can work alongside all formulations such as our tanning lotions, mousses and mitt! 

4. Make your tan last longer 

Looking for a way for your luscious tan to last longer after the first application of self-tan? Summer lasts a while and so should your tan! Be sure to moisturise your entire body from top to toe after a sunless tanning treatment. Whether you have gone for a subtle look or have gone ultra-dark you need to keep this up by moisturising every day, so your skin will maintain it golden for up to 7 days. 

Not only this! But you will need to top up your look with fast-acting products that help to boost and preserve the glow for longer. What are they you ask? Such products could be the Sienna X Gradual Self Tan and the Q10 Self Tan Tinted Mist. They contain the perfect blend of top quality DHA and hydrating ingredients and great for top-ups or on the go tanning! 

Want a tip? These products are also perfect for adding an extra dash of colour to areas of the body that are prone to fading faster (that is the hands and face i.e., the key areas!). 

5. Take it from a professional! 

Not convinced? Why not take it from a professional like our founder Nicola Matthews on how to maintain a flawless tan. A few tips given by Nicola are to consider the products you use, protective equipment and setting aside the time. As you must “think about the tone you desire when applying application and set aside the time to do it.”  

Depending on which region of the UK or the world you are based your tan will be different, as you may want to match the other people in your region who use tanning application or maybe even stand out. Setting aside the time is also important as this will then provide you the opportunity to avoid botching your final look. 

Another good tip provided by Nicola is “to wear cotton socks or gloves before bed, such as the Sienna X Apply Luxury Self Tan Mitt” by following this hack you are reducing the risk of tan transfer, by avoiding this you are less likely to wake up with a darker shade of hand colour than originally chosen before. 

Her final tip is to always wear gloves or mitt during application and to consider using the Q10 Self Tan Mist as opposed to a mousse or lotion formula to apply on your hands and feet to achieve that natural look. If you want to take it a step further than that you could even use the Sienna X Perfect Self-Tan Primer on the inside of your arms for a subtle gradient on the areas that we tend to neglect when tanning.

Sienna X has been Vegan friendly in the products we use since day one and we strive to always use natural based products and always looking at where we can improve to help you achieve a flawless look! 

We would love to see your own flawless hacks for self-tans – be sure to tag us in any posts or stories you share! 

For more tips and advice, be sure to follow us on social media via our Instagram and Facebook.

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