Bath & Body - How it works to prolong your tan

Ever wondered how you can stretch out the life of your beautiful tan? It's not just about slathering on products – it's about understanding how certain ingredients can play a role in preserving that radiant glow. Here's how each product contributes to your prolonged tan journey:


Cleanse Gel

As you bathe, our Cleanse Gel is already preparing the canvas for your extended tan. How? Meet Hyaluronic Acid – a hydration champion that plumps up your skin cells. By ensuring your skin stays well-hydrated, it minimizes the peeling process that can take your tan with it. Now, let's talk about Arginine. This powerhouse not only supports collagen production (which gives your skin structure and resilience), but it also plays a role in skin repair. And then there's Ginger, loaded with antioxidants that help your skin combat environmental stressors, like pollution, that can dull your tan's brilliance. Add a touch of Aloe Vera and the moisturizing magic of Glycerine, and you've got a team that's focused on preserving your sun-kissed beauty.


Exfoliate Scrub

Exfoliation isn't just about scrubbing away – it's about revealing fresher, more vibrant skin that makes your tan pop. Enter Hyaluronic Acid once again, ensuring your skin remains soft and receptive. Arginine doesn't just sit on the side lines; it joins in the action by promoting healing and supporting a resilient canvas. Now, let's talk about Lime Pearl Caviar. This natural exfoliant gently buffs away dead skin cells, making way for the newer, more vibrant skin beneath. Why is this important? When your skin is smoother and more even, your tan has the perfect stage to shine. The infusion of Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Canola Oil ensures your skin stays well-nourished, providing the ideal conditions for your tan to linger.


Moisturise Lotion

Now comes the finale – sealing in that sun-kissed tan with our Moisturise Lotion. But it's not just about locking in moisture; it's about creating an environment where your tan can thrive. Hyaluronic Acid steps up again, preventing dryness and peeling that can fade your tan. Arginine continues its role as the collagen supporter, contributing to skin that's more elastic and toned. Vitamin E takes the stage with its antioxidant abilities, fighting off free radicals that can dull your tan's sparkle. The luxurious blend of Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil ensures your skin remains soft and supple, ready to showcase your radiant glow.


So, how do these products create an environment that prolongs your tan? It's all about creating the perfect conditions for your skin to thrive. You see, it's not just skincare – it's the chemistry of radiance. When science meets your glow, it's a beautiful thing.