Are there any fake tans that don’t smell?

Musty biscuits, yeast, chip pans – does the smell of fake tan put you off?

We don’t blame you. No one wants to smell like an old packet of digestives that expired in 1990. However, the days of putting a peg on your nose to safeguard your olfactory are well and truly over. Sienna X fake tans don’t smell!

Our range of self tanners combine fresh and fruity ingredients to neutralise the biscuity smell of traditional tanners. Now you can achieve that honeyed glow you’ve dreamed of minus that unwanted yeasty aroma.

Old-school fake tans smell questionable because the ingredient that kickstarts your glow (DHA) emits a scent when it reacts with the air and the amino acids on your skin. The general rule is the darker your fake tan, the greater the concentration of DHA in the formula. This used to mean tolerating a stronger smell while your colour developed. Now, you can go from dainty doll to caramel princess without batting a nostril thanks to our sweet-smelling formulations.

We’ve got gradual fake tan that doesn’t smell as well as tanning mist, tanning mousse and fast-acting tanner that works its magic in just 2 hours!

You can also mix your tanner into your skincare with our fabulous collection of new products, like this refreshing tinted mist that’s scented with rose and these illuminating tanning drops for the face. There’s genuinely a fake tan for everyone, and now that you know that they all boast an inviting scent, there’s no excuse for missing out on getting the glow you’ve always wanted.