Why we love Self Tan Lotions

Self-tan lotions have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to achieve a sun-kissed look without the harmful effects of UV rays. At Sienna X we offer a tinted and un-tinted gradual self-tan lotion. Both are infused with moisture-quenching ingredients to ensure that we are kind to your skin whilst making it glow.

  1. The most obvious benefit of a self-tan lotion is that not only do they tan but they also moisturise. When your skin is moisturised your tan lasts longer, furthermore reducing dry skin that usually contributes to a patchy tan. Say hello to a flawless application. Our gradual lotions are enriched with Butchers Broom, which will help fight water retention and reduce the appearance of cellulite, whilst also softening and hydrating your skin leaving it feeling silky smooth.
  2. More even colour. When applied properly with our luxury self-tan mitt, self-tan lotion can result in a more even colour. This is because of easy absorption by the skin, minimalizing the risk of leaving behind any streaks or patches. Lemon Peel Extract helps achieve this as its properties are clinically proven to lighten and smooth your skin.
  3. Excellent method to use when you already have a base tan. A self-tan lotion is a great way of maintaining your holiday glow for even longer.
  4. More familiar to new tanners. Starting to tan can be daunting, a lotion is the best tan to start with. This is due to most tanners already being familiar to using products such as moisturisers that apply in a very similar way.

At Sienna X, we love all tanning methods and are proud to offer a wide range of products to suit every tanner. If you are a first-time tanner we definitely recommend using a lotion due to its smooth application and moisuturising benefits.