Why should i wear spf in winter

Surely wearing an SPF in the winter when the sun’s not shining is a waste? There’s little chance of sunburn so what’s the point of using a sunscreen?

The truth is that those harmful UV rays emitted by the sun that can cause cancers, skin damage and more don’t just go away when the temperatures drop. UVA rays are still able to reach your skin when it’s cloudy, foggy or overcast. They can even penetrate through glass.

Yes, sunscreen reduces the risk of sunburn by safeguarding the skin from harmful UV rays but this is not its sole job. Dampening down the effect of UV rays also reduces the development of wrinkles, fine lines, sunspots and other signs of premature ageing. Put simply, wear an SPF in winter and you’ll be investing in the long-term health of your skin when it comes to its texture, plumpness and youthfulness.

Combining a sunscreen into your daily skincare routine is habit forming too. Do it everyday as standard and you’ll continue to do so beyond the summer simply because you’re used to it. Another tip is to use products like day creams, tinted moisturisers and foundations that incorporate an SPF into the formula because you won’t need to add an extra time-consuming stage into your regular routine.

Two of our brilliant skincare products, The Eye Cream (SPF15) and The Day Cream (SPF30), contain an SPF and boast anti-pollution, blue light and infra red Type A Protection. Formulated to lift and brighten the skin, these daily-use products will lend your skin some much-needed protection from the sun while softening, soothing and rejuvenating your skin.