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Article: The gradual tanning rules

The gradual tanning rules

The gradual tanning rules

Now is the perfect time to think about extending your tan beyond the summer months. It’s time to add a Gradual tan formula to your self tanning arsenal. Gradual tan gives existing tans an instant lift, prolonging their lifespan, while those without a base tan can benefit from building a natural everyday glow and keeping skin silky smooth at the same time.

We’ve outlined all you need to know about gradual tanning before you get started. Hello year round gorgeous glow.

Slow and steady

Gradual tan differs to classic tan formulas, such as Self Tan Q10 Tinted Mousse, in that it contains a lower percentage of DHA, the active ingredient in all self tan products that causes the colour of the surface skin cells to change. This makes gradual tan the ideal gateway product for tanning newbies, as the results are subtle.

Build up the layers

The beauty of using a gradual tanner is the freedom it gives you to bespoke your glow. One layer provides a light, natural-looking tan, but you can build up over the course of a few days to deepen the results. Experiment with how much you apply to find out which amount of tan gives you your perfect desired glow.  

Top up an existing tan

If you’ve been on holiday and have a natural sun tan already, use that as your base but prolong the tan beyond summer by adding a gradual formula on top. Extending a tan into autumn gives you extra confidence and a mood boost as the weather starts to get cooler. Summer might be over but your tan definitely doesn’t have to be.  

Don’t skip out moisturiser

Despite gradual tan formulas often containing skin-loving actives (hello star ingredient Hyaluronic Acid in our Gradual Clear Self Tan Water Mousse), it’s important to keep moisturising regularly with an oil-free body cream to prolong the results. Keeping dry skin at bay will lengthen the time your self tan lasts.

Introduce face tanning

At some point while layering up your gradual tan, you’ll need to match your face to the shade you’ve achieved on your body. Make sure you keep on top of this by mixing facial tanning drops with a buildable formula, like our Self Tan Concentrated Serum Drops, into your regular moisturiser as part of your skincare routine. They’re packed with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to soften skin from within and provide up to 325 drops of sunshine.

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