Party Glow at Home

Getting a glow at home has never been easier with Sienna X. Look red carpet ready with an all over glow. Utilise the self tan range to create a glow suited to you.

It's all in the Prep

Prep your skin before your glow-up to ensure your tan can last longer and achieve a flawless finish.

1. Remove unwanted hair. Shave or wax a couple of days before your tanning treatment. This will allow any open pores to close up before you apply any product. 

2. Exfoliate. Remove dead skin cells using a gentle exfoliator to smooth and soften the uppermost layer of the skin. The smoother your skin, the easier it will be to apply your fake tan successfully. 

3. Avoid perfumes and lotions. Some creams and fragrances can leave a residue on the skin that prevents fake tan from colouring the skin cells properly. Steer clear of perfumes, deodorants and sprays on the day that you plan to tan.

4. Daily Moisturising- a vital step to make your tan last longer by keeping your skin hydrated and prevent from drying out. 

Swift Glow To Go

Need to get your tan on last minute?! No worries, all you need is 60 minutes and the Sienna X Luxury Tanning Mitt, use this velvety soft mitt to buff Sienna X Express Self Tan Tinted Mousse. The express formula develops by the hour, allowing you to do your make-up whilst you wait for it to develop. Rinse and go out and glow. 

Finishing Touch: Skin Finish

Post-makeup, spritz your make-up brush or beauty blending with a touch of Sienna X illuminating Mist before pressing it across the very tops of your cheekbones. The skin finish is an all-over-face and body mist containing bronze, light-reflecting pigments to create a luminous sheen for a 3D finish. Enriched with highly active moisturizing and anti-oxidant ingredients your skin will be left looking bronzed and feeling hydrated. 

Finishing Touch: Complexion Perfection

Freshen up your make-up in a flash after work and on the way to a party by working the concealer end of the Sienna X Illuminating Duo under each eye and then blend in. Spray Sienna X illuminating Mist across your face in a criss-cross shape to reawaken your base. Easy.

Finishing Touch: Power Brow Definition

First use the concealer end of Sienna X Illuminating Duo all around the brow, contrasting the skin slightly to make them stand out. Then, carefully blend the highlighting end just below each brow arch and also in the inner corner of your eyes to make your peepers pop.