Introducing the Clear Self Tan Water Mousse range by Sienna X

Achieve your glow on the down low.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest innovation, the Clear Self Tan Water Mousse range. Boasting zero colour transfer, we’re unveiling three new clear formulations to the award-winning Sienna X Self Tan collection, available to shop now.

The Clear Self Tan Water Mousse range is the new-gen way to tan. Build a flawless everyday glow with a choice of three variations depending on individual tanning preference.

This vegan formulation contains no guide colour, meaning no development stain transfer. Use it anytime, anywhere, without getting residue onto clothes, towels or bed sheets. A light, clear sheen upon application helps you to see where you’ve already applied.

A fresh summer fragrance creates an at-home holiday aura, with notes of Peach, Honey Blossom, Jasmine and Amber featuring. The bottle and cap are recyclable, with each foamer pump containing 30% post-consumer recycled plastic.

As you’d expect from a water-based formula, star ingredients keep skin-quenching front of mind. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates, holding up to 1000x it’s own weight in water within skin cells. Meanwhile, Aloe Vera features to moisturise and sooth skin.  

And don’t worry – despite not having a guide colour to work with, the product is still super easy to apply solo at-home. Our full clear-tanning routine is below to ensure flawless application.


How To Apply

  1. Exfoliate, wax or shave 24-48 hours before application.
  2. Use alone, or for a pro finish apply the Sienna X Perfect Self Tan Primer to elbows, hands, knees, ankle etc.
  3. Carefully apply onto a Sienna X Luxury Mitt and smooth evenly over your skin.
  4. Wear loose clothing and allow to develop for 8 hours before showing, then pat dry.
  5. Moisturise daily for longer-lasting results.


You can also find the new range exclusively on the high-street at Superdrug stores.